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Ultramarine Blue

Ashoka Pigments Pvt. Ltd. is now having well equipped manufacturing plant with latest technology in 6000 sq.mt area and started to produce at 500 metric ton ultramarine blue both laundry grade and semi industrial grades per annum, suitable for multipurpose uses, which has now risen to 1000 metric ton per year. We expect to achieve a production target of 1200 metric ton by the year 2010-11.

In view of the growing use of technical grade Ultramarine Blue in various industries; we endeavor to produce various grades depending on the specific requirements of several industries. 

Our R&D and Quality control team are highly talented and well experienced to produce best quality of ULTRAMARINE BLUE. Best quality is ascertained by laboratory tests and special techniques.

Ashoka Pigments is exporting Ultramarine Blue to Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other West- African Countries.


We at Ashoka Pigments Pvt. Ltd. endeavor to serve the customers with Ultramarine Blue both Laundry Grade & Semi-Industrial Grade and in the process, be the most preferred supplier. To achieve this, we constantly study and understand the needs and want of our customers by offering them quality products and services with an uncompromising sense of responsibility and a firm commitment to the society.



Ashoka Pigments Pvt. Ltd is one of the largest Pigment manufacturing company of India.
We have specialization in the manufacturing of Ultramarine Blue both Laundry Grade & Semi-Industrial Grade as well as Dyes & Colours with international Quality standard. Today Ashoka Pigments produces three brands such as Kalash, Nandi and Ashoka.