Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Blue is an inorganic Mineral Pigment. Chemically it is a SODIUM ALUMINO SULFOSILICATE. The typical chemical analysis of medium Ultramarine Blue is SiO2-37%: Al203-28% : S-14%: NA2O-19% 
The tap density varies between 0.5 kg/1 per for the clearer type and 0.8 kg/1 for the darker ones.

Its synthetic manufacturing process and possibility for close control over its physical, chemical, and colour characteristics enable the production of several types of this blue pigment, which are readily accepted by plastic, printing ink, paint, cosmetic and many other industries due to advantages over other organic pigments and dyes.
  In paint finishes like
  • Decorative emulsion paint
  • Decorative gloss paints
  • White paints of all types(whitening agents)
  • Stoving finishes
  • Industrial paints
  • Powder coatings
  • In Brightening & Whiteness of clothes
  • In Soaps, Inks, Detergents and Cosmetics
  • In Paper, Rubber, Copy Paper, Plastics and Artists Colours
  • In Powder Coating, Marking powder, Paints and Cotton textile
  • In Linoleum & Floor covering, Food Industry, Roofing Granules.